Live Sessions

Live online classes

From August 1st 2020 Debbie will be teaching several weekly live online classes in her ‘Debs Online Health Club’. Classes are 55-60-minutes. All you need is an exercise mat and preferably a small ball (22-26cm) – if we work with any other material this will be listed next to the date. If you need to purchase a ball, get in touch!

Weekly Schedule
Monday       19.00 UK / 20.00 NL – Pilates-Plus
Tuesday       09.30 UK / 10.30 NL – Pilates-Plus (in English)
Thursday     18.00 UK / 19.00 NL – Chilates
Friday          09.30 UK / 10.30 NL-  Pilates-Plus (in English)
Sunday        08.30 NL Pilates Mash-Up (in Dutch)

Pilates-Plus           Pilates with extra stretch- and mobility exercises Chilates                  Pilates+ stretches for the meridians to obtain optimum health     
Pilates Mash-up   Could be anything with use of balls/bands etc! Level 2

Price: Single classes in May are €8 / £8,-. Membership is €32.50 per month ( €25,-for regular clients) and you can follow all the classes within that calendar month.

Registration & Payment – to register send an email ( or a message via Messenger (not via Whatsapp please) and you will receive payment details. If you have a months membership, let us know per email which classes you want to follow. Cut-off for bookings is 2 hours prior to commencement of classes.
Links to classes are sent two-hours prior to the start of the class. We currently use Go to Meeting. If you’ve never been online via GTM please sign in on time. Sorry, no recordings available due to slow internet in England.

Please also follow our Facebook page ‘The Pilates Company – Holland’ and the new ‘Debs Online Health Club’  for announcement of any extra pop-up classes.

Contact and bookings: