Pilates Company TV is in het leven geroepen nu het door de coronacrisis onmogelijk is geworden om de komende maanden op locatie cursussen en workshops te geven. Daarom zullen we bijna alle workshops live online gaan aanbieden. De instructor workshops zijn te vinden onder het rubriek ‘Teacher Training’. Op deze pagina vind je de online les informatie (scroll naar beneden). De lessen zijn toegankelijk voor zowel consumenten als instructeurs. 

Pilates Company TV has been created now that live on-location instructor workshops and courses have been halted by the Coronavirus. All our ‘Teacher Training’ workshops and courses are in Dutch. But we will be holding live classes in English too, and it is also possible to make an appointment for Personal- and Duo sessions with Debbie from the comfort of your own home or studio. You will find the online class info on this page. The classes are open to consumers and instructors alike.

Live class schedule:

Classes are 60-minutes. Saturdays will be in English. Sundays in Dutch. All you need is an exercise mat – if we work with any other material this will be listed next to the date. Content will change per week. Registration – send me an email (debbiejenner@outlook.com) or a message via Messenger and I will give you payment details (not via Whatsapp please). You will then get the code for the class. Please also follow our Facebook page ‘The Pilates Company – Holland’ for announcement of any extra pop-up classes. Classes will be €10,- euros or pounds sterling (and €5 for instructors who have trained with us within and kept their education up to date within the past3 years).

Pop-up class #7: Saturday 30th May Pilates-Plus. 09.30 (10.30 in Nederland). In English

Pop-upclass #8: zondag 31 mei om 09.30 (NLs tijd) in het Nederlands Small Ball-PILATES