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Finally I embark on being a Blogger! It’s been on my ‘must do’ list for years, somehow I just couldn’t take that first step, but sparked on by- at a recent retreat, pulling the card ‘When you set something in motion, you make it happen’ for the second year running (!), and by the passing of yet another dear, young, friend to the big C, I got myself together and well here is the result!

Debbie Jenner Pilates Company
A new year, a new blog | Photo: public domain

What can you expect from me in my future Blogs/Vlogs?

I have been involved within the fitness/wellness/health industry since I introduced aerobics into The Netherlands in 1981 and passing on my experience and knowledge is my passion. I’ve been teaching training courses and workshops from the beginning, I’ve written books and produced video’s and then DVDs. And now I want to share all that I know with you, the reader.

We live in a toxic world and that fact is the root of many of our modern dis-eases. A firm believer in prevention is better than cure, I will cover many topics ranging from exercise, nutrition and stress-reduction to home environmental issues looking at the problem, but especially looking at the solutions. There is too much ignorance in the world due to large corporations withholding vital information from us or blatantly misinforming us so they can fill their coffers. I want to share all I know so that, if your health and that of your nearest and dearest is important to you, you can make informed decisions and take action to detoxify your world and hopefully live a long and healthy life. It is not difficult, you just need to know how.

I hope to see you again.

Debbie Jenner

Here’s a footnote for my Dutch followers:

Ik heb besloten mijn weblog voorlopig in het Engels te schrijven omdat ik in Engeland woon en ook hier een toenemende groep volgers heb. Maar weet dat mijn opleidingen en workshops uitsluitend in het Nederlands worden gegeven.

Groetjes, Debbie

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