Reform: Stay hydrated!

(Cue song) ‘We’re having a heatwave… a tropical heatwave’! Irving Berlin

Thanks to global warming we’re having some ridiculous weather and it really is scorching with in places some of the highest temperatures on record, and that when only 2 days ago it was ‘fresh’ and I was layering on the clothes to stay warm.

Anyway, we all know its important to stay hydrated in this weather and drink lots of water, but it can be difficult if you’re not used to it, or don’t like water much. What I do is every morning is put a couple of litres of filtered water into a big mason jar and then add in some cucumber, lime juice, peeled- and chopped ginger, and mint leaves from the garden. I leave them in for about an hour and then fish them out again, leaving the water really nice and refreshing with a tangy, summery taste. It makes such a difference, and is healthy to boot! Drink as much as you possibly can at regular intervals!

Advise: If you’re drinking shop-bought mineral water in plastic bottles, do be careful. Some plastics leak chemicals into the water, especially when they get hot; bottled water is not as healthy as you think. You’re better off drinking tap water, and filtering it; there are several filter jugs on the market, and also some sport-type bottles with filters in the lid/cap. And of course we don’t want to add to the plastic pile-up. So buy glass if you’ve got to buy water in a shop.

The sermon: Try and avoid alcohol and coffee – both diuretics and will make you dehydrated.

Stay hydrated, you know you can-can. (But not water from a can, because of other chemicals they give off – but thats yet another story)!