Refresh: No-sugar Strawberry Jam!

So, these strawberries are from my own garden. Grown in organic compost, they taste divine! So soft, so sweet. They need no added sugar.

Yesterday I made a jar of strawberry jam from:

2.5 cups of strawberries
1 tbsp water
juice of 1 lemon
2 tsp of arrowroot

Because the strawberries were fresh I softened them in a pan by just adding all the ingredients together. I then did blits them in a blender, but suspect I maybe hadn’t have needed to.

I brought the whole concoction to the boil, then left it on a medium heat left for 50 minutes or so to thicken, stirring occasionally so as not to burn the pan. I knew when it was ready by drawing a spatula through and it left a space where the spatula had been for a couple of seconds before closing up. I then let it cool and then poured into a jar!

Very easy, and very yummy. If you’re using frozen strawberries I would definitely blits them in a blender first and then heat up with all the other ingredients.

I will have another go when more have ripened and will let you know!