Relax: Grounding

Relax: Grounding

Those of you who are my friends on Facebook may have seen me post articles about ‘grounding’ which means literally going outside, taking off your shoes and plugging yourself into the earth’s energy with your bare feet. And no – I haven’t lost my marbles! This really works! Why do I do it, and recommend it to everyone? Well read on!

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We’re living in a digital age where, especially if you live in densely populated areas, we are surrounded by electromagnetic-field radiation from power lines, masts, domestic wiring, Wifi, Bluetooth, smart meters, wireless landline handsets, radios, tv’s and other electrical appliances. You can hardly get away from it. We are literally drowning in what is known as dirty electricity and the aforementioned EMF radiation.  Many people are immune to it, and very sceptical about the whole radiation thing, after all you can’t see radiation, hear, touch, smell or really feel it. Well actually some people can feel it, and can be quite ill from it. Tinnitus (ringing in your ears) can be a symptom, I’m sure hyper-activity in children is in part another symptom, sleeplessness or poor sleeping patterns are others. I will in future go into the dangers of EMF radiation in depth, and also some solutions as it’s something I’ve been researching now for about 3 years. But I want to share my own experience with you when it comes to Wifi or electricity overload and how to wind down through grounding.

Amsterdam v the Lincolnshire Wolds

I lived in Amsterdam for more than 35 years and loved it there. I now live in rural Lincolnshire and love it here too, but for other reasons. I love being surrounded by greenery and nature. I love being ,once every quarter or so to teach and I have to say that since I’ve been living here in the middle of nowhere, I have real trouble sleeping when I’m back in Amsterdam! I seem to have become very sensitive to electricity or radiation, and literally feel super-charged there, especially at night-time; I can feel it coursing through my veins and cannot get to sleep! My mind might be relaxed, but my body feels like I could run a marathon!

In Amsterdam typically everyone lives on top of each other, often in terraced buildings split into appartments; with on each floor a separate appartment, and – a separate source of wifi. The internet in Holland is super-fast and the connections very strong. Here in England I live in an area with a very low connection speed. There is a difference of about 42 mbps if that means anything to you. In Amsterdam, if you switch your phone/tablet/computer on and look for wifi, you’ll probably get 20 different sources in your vicinity. Wifi travels up to 50 meters. So when I stay at friends’ appartments or even hotels, I am completely immersed in a sea of radiation. And you are too of course if you live in a similar situation, but then constantly. If you think of how many electrical appliances you have that run off wifi, including smart meters or other electrical goods known to emit radiation including handsets on landlines etc, they all give off radiation. Our houses are full of it.

I have when in Amsterdam,  in the night often had to unplug appliances and switch off anything electrical that I could find, and then sleep with quartz crystals and black tourmaline (minerals that cancel out radiation), next to- and in the bed! Then, and only then could I unwind sufficiently to fall asleep.

Plugging in to unwind

On my last visit I stayed at a friends’ lovely ground-floor appartment. Now she doesn’t even have that much wifi/electricity in her house and there is no digital clock next to the bed, no tv in the bedroom, but I did have trouble winding down and sleeping. But luckily for me she does have a garden and that was my saving grace! On the first night there I could not sleep… I had that same old feeling of electricity coursing through my veins, of being supercharged. I was tossing and turning and not able to relax my body sufficiently to fall asleep. And then I thought… well it might be January and freezing cold outside, but I am going to try out this grounding for myself. So off I trundled at 2am in my bare feet and into her garden. It was bitterly cold outside, but I stood there, feet rooted to the ice cold ground. I took a few deep breaths, and literally visualised all the electricity in my body draining into the earth. I maybe only stood there for 2 minutes and then came back in. And guess what… yep. The feeling of being electrified was gone! I felt a real difference with how I had felt just 5 minutes before. I was emptied of electricity. My body felt relaxed and I fell asleep! Yay!

So how does it work?

Well I’m no scientist, so those that are excuse the simplified explanation, but in a nutshell the principles are pretty simple. When you connect an electrical appliance you connect it for safety and stability to the ground so any excess can run off harmlessly. The earth is a reservoir of negatively charged electrons. We are bioelectrical beings, our body operates by cells transmitting electrical frequencies to the various systems. But we are no longer naturally connected or grounded. We used to be; mankind walked barefoot or in leather-soled shoes. We often walk in rubber-soled or plastic shoes, our floors are no longer just earthen, and we sleep raised off the floor. This build up of electricity throws us off balance and is the source of all kinds of health problems… the list is quite long! The theory is when you ground yourself you allow the excess electricity to run off into the ground.

So literally by connecting to the earth – preferably standing on soil, grass, forest floor or on the beach in your bare feet, you let all the excess energy coursing through your body run off into the ground. It’s that simple.

Don’t believe me? Sceptical? Give it a try!