Reform… my war on plastic!

So Blogging resumes! Its been awhile, but I’m now ready for regular blogettes again. My first is about not-so-fantastic-plastic.

Unnecessary plastic from a supermarket home delivery
Too much unnecessary plastic from my last supermarket online shop.

As you may know (or maybe not – yet), I’m a bit of an eco-warrior. And I’ve been waging a secret war on plastic for over a year now. I intend to share some of my secrets and tips with you via these Blogs, as I hope you might be considering cutting down on plastic – where possible. I know a lot of people have the mindset of – oh why should I bother I’m just a drop in the (plastic-riddled) ocean – but if we all think like that nothing will change. The oceans will carry on getting clogged, the excrutiatingly painful deaths of animals will continue, the environment will carry on being poisoned by the toxins in plastic, and more and more of us will become ill due to toxin leakage. Yes, things need to change at the top of the chain, so keep on petitioning the manufacturers and the supermarkets because they will have to give in. Keep on targetting the plebs who don’t dispose of their plastic properly and chuck it out of car windows, or drop it in the street using the great outdoors as a humungous rubbish bin. Behaviour and bad habits have to change. But we can do our best to reduce plastic usage, and dispose of what we do have properly.

We won’t be able to live without plastic for 100%. And not all plastic is harmful, but most of it is. We need to rid the world of the single use, the non-biodegradable, the materials that are harmful to our health. We need to recycle all we can. We need to not give in to governments and corporations, we need to not give up.

Here is one thing you can look into to get started, and as more and more shops are stopping their packing fruit and veggies in plastic it is becoming easier to buy your produce from (as local as possible) organic farmers. But you might have to look around for a retailer that has taken the step. And having said that, I have done my last supermarket fruit-veg shop (see photo), and I am lucky to have an organic farmer very close-by – but apparently they wrap their produce in plastic bags – so that is my first battle – get them to deliver/sell without the plastic! Just stick it all in a cardboard box or an (organic) cotton bag that can be used over and over..! Its not that difficult!

See you soon I hope in a fighting spirit!

When you set something in motion, you make it happen.